Supported living, specialist housing, and activities
Supported housing and floating support for the over 55s
For a diverse range of service users

About us

Putting people first


Putting people first is at the heart of everything we do.

We help older people and people with a learning difficulty or a disability to live an enjoyable, independent life. We do this by advocating on their behalf and by providing activities, support, care, and housing that matches their needs.

We also provide diverse housing and supported living services to a range of people whose circumstances have made their lives or their housing vulnerable, such as teenage parents, older people, and homeless people.

We provide a culturally-sensitive service, particularly in Leicester. We have staff who can translate for you, or arrange for a translator to be provided for any community language.

Daytime activities

Service users can access skill-boosting daytime activities through an exciting programme that takes place at venues across Derbyshire, including our Resource Centre, which has a sensory garden, and Golding Grange, which has its own art and pottery studios.

And we work with others in the community, such as universities and doctors, to provide better access to information for people with a disability and advocacy.

How do we do it?

Our team is an experienced one, and works in partnership with local authorities, health providers, social housing providers, charities, and landlords to provide the housing, support, and care that best matches people’s needs. We also work in partnership with individuals, their families, staff, carers, and the community to ensure that people are receiving the best support that is available to them.

The Service Users Forum allows our service users to have their say on how they would like the organisation to be, so we can constantly reflect their needs and encourage talents, skills and interests to develop.

emh care & support is part of emh group which provides affordable homes and related care and support services to communities across the East Midlands.

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