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Work placements

Work placements for social work and nursing students

We are the largest independent service provider for people with learning difficulties in the region. We deliver housing, care and support, and day services so that service users can lead a more fulfilling and independent life.

We offer placements for student social workers and student nurses, as well as volunteering opportunities for anyone wishing to gain experience working in the field. Read on to find out more.

Student placements

Social work and nursing students that take a work placement with us benefit from direct contact with service users, opportunities to work with people with a range of disabilities and access to our in-house training.

They will also gain experience of multi-agency working, person-centred working to promote independence, choice, inclusion and rights, as well as the chance to work with partner organisations.

For nursing students we offer:

  • placements in registered care homes and resource centres
  • access to qualified nursing staff mentors
  • clinical work experience

For social work students we offer:

  • the opportunity to work in resource centres with service users
  • supported living work with service users
  • access to experienced staff and practice teachers to support your placement

Social work students can access our specialist training unit Partnership with Enable for Practice Education (PEPE). Find out how PEPE can help you.

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