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Joanna Grainger, Executive Director - Care and Support


Jo is responsible for care and support services across the group. This includes supported living, registered care, day services and domiciliary care. She has extensive experience in the housing and care sector, and is passionate about ensuring everyone has an opportunity to live the life they want to live.

Adrian Watson, Head of Care & Support

Adrian W.png

Adrian leads on the development of our Regulated care and Housing Services. He has over 25 years working in social care where he has worked in various roles before joining emh care & support in 2018.

"The things that I really value are kindness and fairness, and my role is to support teams to do work that makes a real positive difference in the lives of people"

David McMillan, Head of Quality & Compliance

David M.png

David leads on the development of quality systems, initiatives and processes to help ensure the delivery of consistently high standards of outcome based services for the people that we support.

David has a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating a range of quality and performance related roles in a variety of contexts.

" I am passionate about ensuring our customers receive consistently high-quality support and have opportunities to achieve their ambitions".

Tom Whittaker, Operations Manager, Community & Engagement

Tom Whittaker

Tom has extensive experience in supporting people with learning difficulties. As Operations Manager for Community & Engagement, Tom job focuses on engaging residents who have learning difficulties or physical disabilities, and consulting with them on topics such as the accessibility of our housing or future services we can develop which will enable independence.

Julian Fennel, Operations Manager, Regulated Care

Julian F.png

Prior to working with emh care & support, Julian worked for a national charity for 28 years. Julian oversees the care that is deliver in our Supported Living schemes across Derbyshire.

"I am really looking forward to helping teams support individuals to lead fulfilled lives and be a big part of their local communities".

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