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Individual care and support is provided by experienced staff

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We own three nursing homes for adults with a range of learning difficulties and physical disabilities. All are registered, meaning we meet the high standards required by the Care Quality Commission.

High-quality individual care and support is provided by an excellent and experienced team of care staff.

We own and manage the following nursing homes:

Amberley in Calow, Chesterfield

12 bed providing nursing care for those with learning disabilities. Ages range from 50 - 99.

Meadowview in Calow, Chesterfield

3 integrated bungalows, 20 beds providing nursing care. Ages range from 36 - 78.

Fisher Close in Grangewood, Chesterfield

3 bungalows, 15 bed nursing home. Ages range from 28 – 74.

All nursing homes provide 24 hour nursing care.

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