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Information is really important for everyone. The Service Users Forum know that making information easy to understand really helps learning disabled people to better communicate, understand and learn and make better decisions.

More and more accessible information is available in the UK. This is because lots of disabled people and disabled peoples organisations are producing better information. It is also because the law says this needs to happen

The Equality Act says that people and organisations have to make changes in the ways they do things. This can include making changes to the information they provide to people that use their services. Examples of this would include providing documents in easy read, on tape or using Braille.

The Forum thinks that people that use our services should be able to access good information in ways that make sense to them. If we can’t find information that work for an individual we should do our best to create it with the individual in mind.

Here is several documents, some of which we have produced ourselves, that we hope people will find useful.

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