Floor plans, layout and how to apply

We are very pleased to announce that our much anticipated brochure is now available for download.  Please click on the links below to access each item:

Expression of Interest Form

Application Form - Rent & Shared Ownership

Springfields Brochure - January 2021

Individual Floor Plans & Specification

Ground floor - Full Plans

First floor - Full Plans

Second floor - Full Plans

Third floor - Full Plans

Virtual Tour - Plot 4 -  1 bed Show Apartment

Virtual Tour - Plot 5 - 2 bed Show Apartment

If you wish to apply for a home at Springfields, whether it be rented, or shared ownership, please complete the above Expression of Interest Form first and return it to us at applications@emhcareandsupport.org.uk  We can then send you out an application pack.

Further information on how to apply can be found below:


Springfields - How to Apply - Rented

Springfields Authorisation Form - Rented

Shared Ownership:

Springfields - How to Apply - Shared Ownership

Costs and prices:

The indicative rental cost of an apartment at Springfields will be between £91.52 - £109.49 per week.

The price of a shared ownership apartment will be between £66,000 - £90,000 for a 40% share with rent payable on the remainder.  If you purchase a 75% share, there will be no rent payable.

All apartments will have a service charge, personal charge (to cover your heating, water and electricity) and wellbeing charge (which covers the provision of having care on site 24hrs a day), and further details of these will be sent out in your Application Pack.

Help available to pay costs:

If you are on a low income and have savings below £6,000 you should be eligible for maximum Housing Benefit which covers all rent and eligible service charge.

You can qualify for some help towards costs if you have savings below £16,000; the lower your savings level, the more help you receive.

Please talk to us to see if you are eligible as there could be additional benefits also, such as Attendance Allowance, that you are entitled to which would greatly reduce your monthly costs!

You can contact us in the following ways:

Email.  Springfields@emhcareandsupport.org.uk  

Telephone. 0300 123 0918

Website. www.emhcareandsupport.org.uk/living-with-us/springfields/

Facebook. www.facebook.com/emhspringfields/

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